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The realest people don’t have a lot of friends.
― Tupac (via blvcknvy)
Anonymous: Leave Courtney the fuck alone. She does not have to go through a rough and painful pregnancy because people like you are too fucking idiotic to know that life does not begin at conception. You just want to feel all righteous and holier-than-thou. You don't give a flying fuck about a clump of cells that could become a baby. So shut your goddamn mouth. No one asked you to chime in.

Life does begin at conception you fuck wad. Do your research. Have you ever been pregnant? Probably not. I have a daughter, I’m a single mother and I had a tough, high risk pregnancy. When I gave birth to her, my views on abortion changed 100%. I’m not chastising her for the abortion. I’m just disgusted by the fact that she was asking COMPLETE strangers for money.


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Anonymous: Hope you know that I think it was really fucked up of you to attack that girl who needs money for an abortion.

You know what else is fucked up? Begging strangers to help you murder your unborn child.